Services For Serres 2018

25 - 31 August 

Nomad Rally Service

We offer the following services for the Serres Rally

Motorcycle rental

Motorcycle rental KTM 450 EXC 2018, which includes:

  • 15 liter tank

  • Roadbook F2R 750 with Universal Navigation Clamps

  • ICO max and ICO max G

  • Skit plate

  • Hand guards 

  • Kriega toolkit


Serres rally  2,000 euros

Service, repairs, assistance ​

  • Wash and daily control filters

  • Change tires and mousses when necessary

  • Small repairs

  • Large repairs when possible

  • Installation of accessories and personal items

  • Use of our tools

  • Daily motorcycle cleaning

  • Oil and filter changes (materials are not included in the price)


Serres rally  500 euros

Motorcycle Transportation

We will transport your motorcycle from Switzerland to Northern Italy and nearby places to the rally.  Our tools are also ready at your disposal.



Serres rally 700 euros 

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