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Mexico, 10 wonderful days (day 0 to day 3)

Updated: Mar 17

We all sure do love holidays, I hope, some do prefer beach and relax and others adventure. I am of that kind, get out, get dirty and discover new things.

Mexico is not just around the corner, at least from Europe, and travelling alone with all the bike gear wasn't easy either.

But all turned out super straight forward, once in Mexico city airport it was easy to find ADO bus to Jalapa, 3.5 hours passed fast while enjoying the route.

Carlos and Hernan were waiting for me at Jalapa station and we drove "home" to get some late dinner and get some rest.

The fresh air of the green mountains, sound of wildness and the sudden "vroom" of engines been checked was an indication to get out. Hot coffee, fresh mango and home made guacamole awaited, thanks Caro!

A client and I had arrived a day earlier and helped loading the bikes into the pickup and trailer. Loaded our riding gear and bags and off to the coast we went.

Playa Chachalacas, Veracruz, here we would meet the others arriving that same Sunday, the day before the adventure started.

A very nice hotel where we would stay for the for 2 nights. There I meet my room mate, Florian, super cool guy just like all the members of the group I met later.

Day 1: Dunes, let's play!

Ok, wait, what? here is your bike and there is your playground! Las Dunas de Chachalacas.

What a place, first it was all a bit scary but thanks to the tips given by Hernan we all somehow managed to survive, with sand in places better not to mention XD. This was so fun.

Video: Day 1

That evening we all had authentic Mexican dinner at "Hotel La Pingüi". Private evening, were we all got to feel home.

Day 2: Dunes to Mexico Verde

After a delightful breakfast we took into practise what we learned. Riding soft sand, bigger dunes and all following the guide because this place is enormous. Narrow tracks surfing the soft sand, keep the speed or dig in. After a few hours battling we had a last absolutely astonishing view over the Atlantic.

After the dunes a nice refreshing picnic was waiting, organised by Carlos and Caro who also took care of bag transport to the next destination.

Video: Day 2

A paradise, what a shift from sand to green. We were suddenly immersed into the jungle. This place is very unique experience.

Day 3: From the green to Jalapa

It was now time to start climbing mountains and get into the highlands of Mexico.

Making small stops on the route in order to make sure we were ok, and drank enough water. Also to tell small stories about abandoned places we passed by.

Fabrica la Claudina, cotton production abandoned in 1928.

Video: Day 3

After a long day, dust and gravel, we arrived to this amazing Hacienda Santiago Texmelucan (year 1698), located at 2.600 meters altitude. Ghosts were to be expected... I can only confirm that.

Caro, tireless, prepared some snacks. Even though not season these Mango's... super good.

After a nice shower, buffet dinner of local food.

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