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Exceptional offer. 
Due to limited rental motorcycles available and the high demand for Hellas Rally, we have created this pre-booking. 

The amount paid, 50€, is later discounted on the final price of the rental. Once the final offer is set online, you will receive a discount coupon and a direct link to the online offer.

All people with a Pre-Booked motorcycle rental will be able to do the final booking for a limited amount of time, 30 days reserved. 
By agreement, the pre-booking amount can also be converted to other Hellas Rally services.

This offer is not binding, acts as good faith on both parties to accomplish the rental. 
The amount, 50€, paid is not refundable but can be used to other Hellas Rally Services we offer. 

Hellas Rally :: 2025 Pre-Booking Bike rental

SKU: HRS-010
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