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Is it your first rally or do you simply wish to enjoy de race without worries? Then this is your package. 


We know how to take care of your bike and have it ready each day of the race. We also help you being prepared for the next day and upon arrival with snack and beverages.  Your bike is safe with us.


An inspection of your bike, oil change on request or recomendation and any damage will be fixed so you can enjoy the event at full. Please note that parts are not included and that best effort reparing the bike, some damages might not be possible and we will always be hornest. 


Some rallies will requiere from/to hotel transport, we will be there for you and coordinate pickup with our clients. As each rider start at different times you might have to wait enjoying a morning coffee. 


Marathon stages, might have a remote location. We will transport your bag to the destination bivouac point, park fermé. If the stage is without service allowance you will have tools at disposal and we will assist you as much as the organisation allows. 



  • Preparing and setting up the bike before the race

  • Daily motorcycle control (filter, oil, chain ect.)

  • Daily motorcycle washing (if possible)

  • Change tires and mousses when necessary (material not included)

  • Repairs (if possible)

  • Installation of accessories and personal items

  • Use of our tools

  • Oil changes (materials are not included in the price)

  • Clean of airfilter every day

  • Spare parts service (parts are not included in price)

  • hospitality area with soft drinks, snacks, water and caffee  

  • Team Clothing (Cap, T-Shirt)


* Included in the Motorbike Rental Package
* Hotel booking and rally registration entry is not included nor managed. 

Dinaric Rally :: Service & Assistance

SKU: DRS-001
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