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Mexico, 10 wonderful days (day 7 to last)

Day 7: San José del Pacífico

Another day awaited us, with all clean bikes, clean clothes and gear it was time to hit the road to the high mountains of south-west Oaxaca.

Track were fast, we were all feeling confident on our bikes and with the restored energy I believe it was the day we all liked the most. From open flat lands, up hills, valleys, stony downs and river beds it was really fun to ride. Also less dust due to change of the soil. As usual we were all following Hernan who pointed the rider behind him to stop and guide the rest so we all had a moment to rest a few minutes before Marco waved us to continue.

We arrived in good time to our new location, La puesta del sol cabins. amazing views over the valley. A nice souvenir shop that is a must visit. Handcrafted unique pieces of art.

We later went to a nice local restaurant, La taberna de los duendes, 5 minutes away in a TucTuc, bangkok style, lights and colours.

Video: day 7

On arrival we were asked if we did like our cabins to be heated up with, the fire pit was lit up. Actually very romantic and made the cabin warm up in no time.

Day 8: Nature reserve Copalitilla

Another adventurous day ahead, sinuous gravel roads with a few semi paved cement parts.

The dust was settling fast and it was easier to ride closer. It was nice to ride feeling part of the jungle, the air was refreshing and throttling a bit going out the corners made one smile.

Hernan was a bit disappointed about the many cement parts and will make changes. Every tour is special and unique, as it depends on the group speed, riding skills and weather, Hernan knows well the terrain and adapt accordingly. More tracks will be included and new routes will make your tour a unique adventure.

The endless mountains ended in a river were we had the opportunity for a nice refreshing swim.

Video: day 8

The day ended at a very nice location, Reserva Ecologica Vive Copalitilla. Complete hidden by trees and living nature.

Day 9: Puerto Escondido

It was our last time helping Carlos loading our bags into the Pickup and we were to follow the sun towards the Pacific Ocean,

Marco had decided to let Carlos ride his bike closing up the group, I believe Carlos liked that a lot.

A flock of sheep and lot's of river crosses made us smile a bit to the warm air we were feeling while riding down the mountains.

Cruising behind Thomas, who's standing style is very relaxing and flowing, like a river to the sea.

Some was eager to jump into the water, dropping the bike at first sight.

But yet 20 km of pure beach riding at nearly full throttle jumping and surfing the low sand dunes.

Video: day 9 Here we were, we had made it, the people who didn't know each other and had now shared an adventure, a journey between oceans had bounded a borderless friendship.

Team coast2coast, thanks everyone for making this incredible adventure:

Thanks Marco for always fixing what we broke crashing and thanks to Caro for making our small rests very refreshing :)

Disclaimer: The videos were all made and published mostly the same day using the phone, internet was not always good and some might be in 720p while other could be uploaded in 2K.

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