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Updated: Feb 8

As our family grows we thought it was time to create a blog, to be able to reach out and make each of you even more part of this family. Tell you about our everyday/week, good or bad. Tell you about preparing a rally bike, share moments.

As a Nomad on 2 wheels, passionate adventure rider and forever young souls. We do truly hope that we are able to fulfil this void of absent between rallies, adventures, tours and trainings,

The world is now even more digital, they say Digital Nomads. Let's prove them we are heroes on 2 wheels and despite planning our new adventures online we thrive in the open air, feeling the wind, dust, mud and whatever is thrown at us.

Waking up, battered from the day before but with a view ahead of the new stories to be told. We see this, it makes our heart jump alive, adrenaline and the spirit of the unknown. We know the bike is ready, peace of mind, will I make it through the day?

Without doubt! You were born to dream, we're here to help you accomplish that dream. Experienced enduro rider, rally professional or that rider that never did off-road before and do not really understand why getting dirty is so much fun, trust us, we will guide you through, make every effort we possible can ( and a bit more ) to make you enjoy that incredible moment.

A happy finisher as Hellas Rally 2023

My name is Jacob, born in 1979. In 2018 I participated in my first rally. It was incredible hard, but managed to get through, thanks to a friend, stubbornness and help from a support team that saw us suffer like never, thanks Vasilis B.

Why do I tell my story, because you are reading this on Nomadas Adventure, a company that I've trusted for years and makes the World of Rally feel like a family. There are really great services teams and they all do their best to help each other, just like you would when out riding. I found a team that's fantastic, that supports and teach you the needed lessons for you to explore this new world. They are open to listen, to care and improve every day, they keep learning and are transparent about all. I join the family to help with online communication whenever possible, because of hobby on 2 wheels and the need of adventure with confidence that this team have your back whenever needed.

The full setup of Nomadas Adventure

Chose your adventure, dare it, it's the moment: Welcome to the family.

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